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"Notation based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions"

[Distributor] hair's LOWE

[Operations Supervisor] Kenji Saito

[Address] 2-1 Miharacho, Tennoji Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture

[Phone number] 080-1450-8117

[E-mail address]

[Fee required in addition to the product price] Shipping fee at the time of purchase 1500 yen nationwide (However, customers in the Kansai area are free for purchases over 10,000 yen, and customers from other areas are free for purchases over 15,000 yen.)

[Delivery time] Basically, we will deliver within 7 days of ordering. If there is a delay, we will notify you by email.

[Regarding returns] In the case of initial defects, we will accept returns and exchanges within 7 days from the date of arrival of the product. In addition, the customer is responsible for the shipping fee when returning or exchanging.

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