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Impression conveyed through beauty

hair's LOWE

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What is "Beauty"?
You can become who you really want to be through your head and hair.
The techniques proposed by hair's LOWE are tailored to each customer.
​ Sometimes only color.
Sometimes head spa only.
We will give top priority to the condition of your hair and physical condition and make suggestions.

We are looking forward to your visit.



〇 Born in Shimane Prefecture
〇Worked at a barber shop in Higashiosaka City for 12 years
〇 May 2014 hair's LOWE open

The word "LOWE"
It means "impressed" in English.
I want to share the excitement with everyone involved in the store With that in mind, I created hair's LOWE.
With wonderful friends who impress customers,
We are always happy to do business.

Owner Kenji Saito

​Style Gallery

salon menu

women's haircut


Dry cut that makes morning 5 minutes faster. We will suggest a style that suits your hair type.



Our most popular head spa.
Be captivated by head spa with scalp care and comfortable exclusive spa room♪



Contains organic & botanical ingredients.
gentle on hair and scalp organic color.



Our perm pursues beauty.
First-timers continue to repeat.

​Affiliated stores

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Salon Map

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Shadow on Concrete Wall


2-1 Ajihara-cho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

hair's LOWE

​*There is no parking lot. Please use nearby coin parking

(We will give you 200 yen to 400 yen)

telephone number:0643033516

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